Call For Papers

We are happy to announce that we are looking forward to receiving your applications for the conference. The best writing services company on which can help you write a report will take part in the review of applications. We cordially invite you to submit a paper for presentation at the conference by the deadline of 15 April 2007. For further details of the scope of the conference see below. Alternatively, go straight to the proceedings page for details on how to submit.

PDF Version of Call for Papers.

The 8th International Conference on Mathematical and Numerical Aspects of Waves (WAVES'07) will be held at the University of Reading organised jointly with INRIA. This conference is one of the main venues where both significant advances in the analysis and computational modelling of wave phenomena and important applications are presented.

Themes of the Conference (Selection)

Acoustics, Aeroacoustics, Structural Acoustics.
Elastodynamics, Propagation in Viscoelastic, Porous and Fractured Media, Thermoelasticity.
Electromagnetism, Piezoelectricity.
Gravity Waves, Hydrodynamics.
Nonlinear Wave Propagation Problems.
Guided Waves, Resonances.
Direct and Inverse Scattering Problems.
Wave Propagation in Random Media.
Schrodinger Type Problems.
Inverse Problems.
Analytical and semi-analytical methods.
Numerical Modelling: Finite Element, Finite Volume, Integral Equation Methods, etc.
Exterior Problems: Absorbing Layers, Artificial Boundary Conditions, Infinite Elements.
Nonlinear Optics, Photonic Crystals.
High Frequency Methods.
Control, Optimum Design.
Solution Methods for Large Scale Problems.

Confirmed Plenary Speakers

Mark Ablowitz (Colorado, USA)
Annalisa Buffa (Pavia, Italy)
Weng Cho Chew (Illinois, USA)
Tom Hagstrom (New Mexico, USA)
Andreas Kirsch (Karlsruhe, Germany)
Gilles Lebeau (Nice, France)
Ross McPhedran (Sydney, Australia)
John Toland (Bath, UK)


Finalized key dates for the proceedings of the conference are (see website for updates):

Extended Submission Deadline: April 15, 2007.
Notice of acceptance: May 6, 2007.
Revised papers received: May 21, 2007.
Final Acceptance: May 30, 2007.

See also Proceedings.